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Real Food for Real People

City Market Coffee Roasters has spent the last two years working to ensure that our juice bar is the talk of the town. The produce we craft each juice with is of the utmost importance to us, because you can’t get flavor like organic without the best.

We are proud to announce a new partnership with Fresh Connect – Troque Farms. They are working to expand their business and reach more families with local food options. The health of their farming partners, businesses and homes is at the forefront of their passion. Their above and beyond model is one that will not go unnoticed in the world of great foods. Best found on their website at, they will allow you to choose what is delivered to you, how often and how much.

These people are serious about their mission. Fresh Connect - Troque Farms was purchased in Nov. 2015 but Fresh Connect was started in 2010 by a Lee’s Summit couple with the idea of delivering high-quality, beyond organic groceries to the doors of families. The NEW Fresh Connect – Troque Farms delivers from St. Joseph to Harrisonville and Lawrence to Warrensburg. Talk about distance! Goodbye grocery store, hello convenience.

The real gem here is Frank Kuhnert who purchased Fresh Connect KC in 2015. At 70 years old, his farm (Troque Farms) is one of the major suppliers offers everything from produce to grass base dairy, pasture finished beef, free range poultry, eggs, and seasonal vegetables. His vision is propelling forward the idea of reducing the impact of industrialized farming by strengthening the health of our community every day.

We’d like to take this moment to thank Fresh Connect – Troque Farms for being here for us, to be here for you.

2016 At City Market Coffee Roasters

A New Year brings about a special time of year where most of us look back at accomplishments and goals met, yet also look forward to new goals and opportunities in the year to come.  City Market Coffee Roasters has been, and always will be dedicated to crafting the highest quality coffee beans and beverages.  We also strive to bring you, the customer, the best shopping experience possible.  We are thrilled that we have expanded our online presence to the point where anyone in the United States can enjoy the unique taste and superior quality of City Market coffee.  2016 marks a year with many exciting things to be offered online, and in shop.  Don't you dare miss out on everything we are gearing up for!  Please sign up for our mailing list here to stay informed about all of the happenings throughout this new year.  All of us here at City Market Coffee Roasters wish you a happy and successful New Year!  May 2016 bring you many memorable coffee moments!

One of our most popular drinks at City Market Coffee House is the Hippie. It's also one of our favorite drinks to recommend to new customers and it even secured a coveted spot on our menu. It’s that good. If you haven’t tried one, here’s everything you wanted to know about the Hippie and what makes it so darn tasty.

What is the Hippie?

This beverage resembles an iced latte, but instead of using espresso, we add our homemade cold press coffee concentrate. The cold press concentrate makes the drink smooth, non-acidic and a touch stronger for that extra buzz. We also mix in soy milk and honey.

How’d it get its name?

The Hippie was created 10 years ago by a friend and employee of City Market Coffee House owner Nikole Ammer, back when she owned a now closed coffee shop called Planet Café. 

“Almond milk wasn’t around that long ago, so soy milk is what most hippies drank,” Nikole said. “And they like honey because it’s natural. So it all fits.”

Why’s it so popular?

“The Hippie is really popular because it’s so delicious,” Nikole said. “Plus, who doesn’t have a little fun ordering a Hippie?  The Hippie really is something everyone should try. You can’t get it anywhere else. It’s one of a kind!”

If you love cold press coffee, this drink is for you. You can also get the Hippie hot instead of cold. The hot version is called a Dirty Hippie.

Come in and give the Hippie a try! We also recommend the Lavendar Latte, another City Market Coffee House signature drink.


We’re excited to announce that our house-brewed cold press concentrate is now available at Urban Provisions General Store.

Urban Provisions is a modern take on the old-time general store, and is located at 2616 Guinotte Ave. next to the Local Pig. The store sells handmade and locally made items including furniture, décor, jewelry, beauty products, candles, specialty food items, stationary, T-shirts and more.

And now our cold press is on the shelves too!

“We think cold press concentrate is a kitchen essential,” said Britton Turnbull, co-owner of Urban Provisions, about City Market Coffee Roasters’ cold press concentrate. “Its complex flavor and easy recipes are perfect for quick drinks in the morning and tasty cocktails in the evening, and to us that's a win-win.” Turnbull co-owns the store with Savannah Northcraft.

Learn more about our Cold Press Concentrate.

At City Market Coffee Roasters, we love supporting other local businesses. Head on over to Urban Provisions after grabbing a coffee and check it out. It’s only a five-minute drive from the coffee shop!

We love the idea of coffee lovers in other states getting to enjoy Kansas City’s artisan coffee. That’s exactly what The Coffee Dispatch provides. The Coffee Dispatch is a service that shares locally roasted Kansas City coffee with the rest of the United States.

And City Market Coffee Roasters is one of the options!

About The Coffee Dispatch

The Coffee Dispatch offers three different box options. The first box includes 19.75 ounces of coffee and is $35. The second box includes 36 ounces of coffee and is $60. The third box—for the serious coffee lover—includes 76 ounces of coffee and is $100. Plus, you can choose the coffee roasters included in your box.

Sign up for a recurring subscription and you can experience a wide variety of coffees from each roaster and enjoy free shipping anywhere in the United States. Coffees are shipped within two days of roasting for maximum freshness.

Local Kansas City Coffee

The Coffee Dispatch makes it easy to share our coffee (plus other Kansas City roasters) with your out-of-town friends and family. We’re proud to be a part of Kansas City’s artisan coffee scene and The Coffee Dispatch.

Find out more at