What is your darkest roast?

If you're looking for a delicious dark roast coffee look into our French Roast. It has a nice sturdy body and will work well in a variety of brew methods.


What is your lightest roast?

All of our single origin offerings are roasted slightly differently to highlight the flavors that make that particular coffee special. While roast levels may vary slightly, these are all good choices for someone looking for the characteristics of light roasted coffee: sweet and juicy with tons of flavor clarity. To decide which one is best for you let the flavor descriptors be your guide!


What is your boldest or strongest coffee?

Strength in coffee is a direct result of how much coffee you use in correlation to the amount of water you use. Contrary to popular belief it has nothing to do with roast level. If you prefer your coffee stronger or more bold, use more ground coffee in your brewing device.


How long does coffee stay fresh for?

We recommend using a bag of coffee within two to three weeks. After about two weeks, you'll start to notice a steady decline in sweetness and flavor clarity.


Where do I store my coffee?

Store coffee in a cool, dry place. Any cupboard out of direct sunlight and away from exposure to moisture is a great place.


I bought a coffee and loved it but I don't see it listed on your site anymore. Why?

Like all agricultural products, coffee has seasonal availability. Since different growing regions have different harvest times, our menu constantly changes to reflect our seasonal buying practices.


Is there any caffeine in decaf coffee?

Very little. Decaffeinated coffee ranges from being 99.7-99.9% caffeine free.


Is your decaf coffee made using chemicals?

Never. All of our decaf is 100% water processed with no chemicals used during the decaffeination process.


Whats the best device to use for home brewing?

Each brewing device has it's own unique traits but it's all about what you prefer. If you like a nice heavy bodied cup try a full immersion brewer like a french press; if you want a clean, dynamic cup you will probably like a paper filter pour-over like a Chemex or a V60. They're all capable of making delicious coffee!


I bought a bag of coffee and really loved it. I want to try something different but not too different...where do I start?

If you're not sure what coffee to try next, a safe bet is to go with another coffee that is close to the same region. Although every coffee is unique, this will keep you "close to home" so to speak. When you feel comfortable enough to make the jump to coffee from another growing region then go for it!  Exploration is one of the reasons we love coffee and we think you'll share this sentiment.


My coffee tastes intensely fruity...almost like someone put fresh blueberries or strawberries in my cup. How does that happen?

You likely purchased a naturally processed coffee. This processing method allows the coffee fruit to dry on the bean for a period of time allowing the bean to soak up tons of natural sugars and imparting an incredible fruity taste and aroma to these coffees. Naturally processed coffees can be some of the most interesting and unique coffees in the world.