Real Food for Real People

City Market Coffee Roasters has spent the last two years working to ensure that our juice bar is the talk of the town. The produce we craft each juice with is of the utmost importance to us, because you can’t get flavor like organic without the best.

We are proud to announce a new partnership with Fresh Connect – Troque Farms. They are working to expand their business and reach more families with local food options. The health of their farming partners, businesses and homes is at the forefront of their passion. Their above and beyond model is one that will not go unnoticed in the world of great foods. Best found on their website at, they will allow you to choose what is delivered to you, how often and how much.

These people are serious about their mission. Fresh Connect - Troque Farms was purchased in Nov. 2015 but Fresh Connect was started in 2010 by a Lee’s Summit couple with the idea of delivering high-quality, beyond organic groceries to the doors of families. The NEW Fresh Connect – Troque Farms delivers from St. Joseph to Harrisonville and Lawrence to Warrensburg. Talk about distance! Goodbye grocery store, hello convenience.

The real gem here is Frank Kuhnert who purchased Fresh Connect KC in 2015. At 70 years old, his farm (Troque Farms) is one of the major suppliers offers everything from produce to grass base dairy, pasture finished beef, free range poultry, eggs, and seasonal vegetables. His vision is propelling forward the idea of reducing the impact of industrialized farming by strengthening the health of our community every day.

We’d like to take this moment to thank Fresh Connect – Troque Farms for being here for us, to be here for you.

Come get your chocolate fix at City Market Coffee House. We sell Taza Chocolate, an organic stone ground chocolate that we’re pretty crazy about.

Taza Chocolate is a Mexican-style chocolate that’s made by stone grinding organic cacao beans into an unrefined minimally processed chocolate. It tastes rustic with a grainy texture that makes for a chocolate unlike any you’ve probably tasted before.

Here’s why we love it:

  • It’s organic!

  • It’s all dark chocolate.

  • It doesn’t have a bunch of additives, fillers or preservatives.

Plus, the company is committed to ethical cacao sourcing. Taza Chocolate was the first U.S. chocolate maker to create a third-party certified Direct Trade Cacao Certification program. This means that Taza Chocolate maintains direct relationships with cacao farmers and pays them a price above Fair Trade for their cacao. (That’s something we’re all about at City Market Coffee House. We only buy Fair Trade coffee beans.)

More about the chocolate

The chocolate comes in a bunch of really fun flavors: chipotle chili, cinnamon, coffee, ginger, guajillo chili, orange, salt and pepper and more. (We recommend the salt and pepper!)

You can try the chocolate in discs, which are great to share with friends, or grab a mini bar, if you just want a taste. (Both make great stocking stuffers!) You can also try the chocolate covered cacao nibs, which are little pieces of roasted cacao beans covered in a layer of Taza Chocolate.

Pair your chocolate with a steaming hot cup of one of our organic coffee blends.

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